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Construction of water supply and sewerage is a very responsible and serious work that needs qualified knowledge and good practice. As a rule, it is a long hard work requiring maximum effort, time and money. Our company offers this work much easier, faster and cheaper! We carry out the construction of water pipelines and sewers by horizontal directional drilling. This technique allows saving not only time but also financial costs; it minimizes the entire range of emergency situations. Water supply and sewerage built by horizontal directional drilling have a high level of reliability! This kind of technique ensures laying of water pipelines at the level of 4-6 meters below the ground which is not technically possible to make using cut-and-cover method.

Our company Uvenk-SK has 10-years experience in their field and is ready to provide you with its experts that will highly professionally perform the works in as short a time as possible! Our experts will carry out all the necessary maneuvers at the highest level. They will make free site survey, soil analysis, exact required measurements and accurate estimates for the construction of water supply and sewerage by horizontal directional drilling in Petropavlovsk.

The highest quality construction of water supply and sewerage will be performed by our specialists using horizontal directional drilling in the shortest possible time regardless of where the desired object is situated. We guarantee the quality of our work! The water supply system built by our team of experts will serve you for a long time! Seek for assistance in our company and you will undoubtedly be satisfied with the result!

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